Key Services

Key Services

Cincinnati Fastener offers a full gambit of professional fastening and supplying services to meet your needs. From specialized fastening specifications, secondary processing and even custom cosmetic specifications. Our full line of on and off-site services include:



Additional drilling and machine processing of parts to meet special and unique applications.



In-house grinding, cut and finish capabilities to supply parts to the exact specifications of your particular application.


Rush Order Delivery

A fleet of trucks to assure timely delivery of urgent and time sensitive orders along with convenient to-your-door service.


Online Ordering

We make it simple to place an order for any part, at any time.

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Special Labeling/Components

Packaging of parts with your internal part number, barcoded and readable, to monitor traceability and simplify invoicing and paperwork.

Package Kits

Pre-assembly of kits of varying sizes of bolts, nuts, screws, washers and other fasteners commonly used in your operation.


Special Supply Kitting

Multi-part kits assembled and labeled to your exact specifications, saving labor and cost to receive, pick, organize and account for inventory.